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We are a 4th generation family farm in Harris, Minnesota. We have been striving for years to provide our own family with fresh, healthy, and tasty food; and it would be our privilege to bring our farm to your table. We stand by the quality of our products and the practices and treatment of livestock, and would never serve to you anything that wasn't good enough for our own table. 

Please feel free to ask any questions or see our processes, our passion for farming is something we are excited to share with others. Children are always welcome to visit as well, we have 6 of our own and both they and the animals love to have company. 

Colliander Farm is family owned and operated by Loren and Amy Colliander, with the assistance of their 6 children.

Please bear with us as we continue to build the website. Thank you for your support and patronage.  

Updated 12/1/2023

With limited access to fresh pasture and high winter feed costs to keep good health and quality products, we have made a slight price increase until spring. We appreciate your continued business and support. Also, we are happy to have a new partnership with Halverson Family Farm in Rock Creek to provide all natural, organic and pasture raised Chicken. 

Pasture raised eggs: $5 /dozen

 Raw Cow milk: $10/gallon, $5/half  

Cream: $12/quart, $6/pint

Raw Goat milk: $12/gallon, $6/half 

Goat milk soap: $5 plain unscented, $6 exfoliating, $7 scented 

Whole organic, pasture raised Chicken: $5.00/lb

Home Made Dulce de Leche: $6/half pint

Please make an appointment for milk pickup, we always sell fresh. You will need to bring your own container. 

Special requests welcome, please let us know.

Meet our friends on the Farm 

The Cows