Raw Milk

Is selling raw milk illegal?

No! Here is the Minnesota Statute detailing the sale of raw milk:

Minnesota Statutes 32D.20 Limitation on Sale of Milk:

"No milk or fluid milk products shall be sold, offered or exposed for sale…for the purpose of human consumption in fluid form in this state unless the milk or fluid milk product has been pasteurized… and cooled, provided that this section shall not apply to milk, cream or skim milk occasionally secured or purchased for personal use by a consumer at the place or farm where the milk is produced.

The right to consumer choice is protected by the state constitution and backed up by case law. In compliance with the law, customers must always provide their own container and our milk is never sold off site.

Is raw milk safe?

The CDC outlines some of the risks associated with Raw Milk in the Q & A found here. As with any food preparation: poor sanitation, hygiene and practices can contribute to an unsafe product. It is not our intention to vilify the process of pasteurization, throughout history it has undoubtably saved countless lives; moreover, a gentle form of pasteurization can be done at home with either a home pasteurizer or a simple double boiler; and we would be happy to share this process with anyone interested. Our sanitary methods and storage have developed from years of experience and research. We firmly believe in consumer choice and the philosophy of farm to table, local communities having connection and knowledge about their food is a value we think people hold dear. With all of that being said, we go to every length to provide safe and delicious milk to both our customers and our family. Nothing that leaves our family farm is anything less than we would feed our own children.

Please feel free to ask us questions about the farm, our products and our practices.